Professional and intensive skills training for security force of
Binh An

All people who apply for security force of our Company must undergo the physical test, health examination, multiple choice test, and interview to determine abilities, capacities, knowledge, experience, etc. to ensure meeting the recruitment requirements, then the trainees will be formally trained at the special training center of the Police and the Company.

I. General concept

1. General concept of Protection – Bodyguard career.

2. Honor and loyalty

3. Order, formality, manner, line-up.

4. Functions, tasks and authority.

5. Patrol and control expertise.

6. The use and practice of minutes, reports.

7. Behavior, communication and practice.

8. Guidance for recording security book.

9. Identification, prevention of trouble and troubleshooting.

10. Identification, prevention of trouble and troubleshooting.

11. Seal closing, opening and management.

12. Identification ad memorization.

13. Fixed and mobile target protection.

14. Field protection.

15. Diagram and goal analysis.

16. Emergency cases, victim moving.

17. Observation skill, estimation method.

18. Employee training method.

II. Legal knowledge

1. Relevant provisions in Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure Code.

2. Relevant provisions in Civil Law and Civil Procedure Code.

3. Relevant provisions in Administration Law and Labor Law.

4. Relevant provisions in Economic Law.

III. Skills, tactics, martial arts

1. Basic techniques.

2. Controlling techniques, lock and unlock

3. Attack and self-defense tactics.

4. Defense and dodge techniques.

5. Antagonism and fighting techniques.

6. Advanced techniques.

IV. Fire prevention and fighting

7. Basic principles of fire prevention and fighting.

8. Fire prevention and fighting methods.

9. Detection and identification of fire and explosion.

10. Fire and explosion situations and first aids.

V. Ability to use equipment

1. Skills to use and preserve supporting tools

2. Skills to operate detection and alarm system.

3. Skills to use smoke alarms.

4. Skills to use special equipment.

VI. Communication skills

1. Manner, language, greeting, vocative

2. Communication and telephone skills.

3. Receptionist, order, line-up manner.

4. Respect customers and the rules, the regulations.

5. English for basic communication

6. Coordinate and work with the government, police.

7. Costumes, attitude, style, lifestyle.

VII. Special expertise

1. First aid, dispersion and evacuation expertise.

2. Advanced protection and escort protection expertise.

3. Information capture and mining skills.

4. Team development and mobile response.

5. Reactivity and emergency.

6. Basic Marketing and Sale skills.

7. Business information and secret protection.

8. Team and group development expertise.

9. Goal protection planning.

10. Method of motivating others to work.