CEO of Binh An Security Service Joint Stock Company: We have been ready to compete

“Competition strategy of Binh An (BAS) is divided in 3 levels: company level, business level and function level and synchronously implemented from the highest level to the lowest level”, Mr. Ngo Bang Long – CEO of Binh An Security Service Joint Stock Company shared.

21/10/2016 8:00 GTM+7

Born in 2008, the time when business field of security services in Vietnam started to grow. After many years of construction and growth, Binh An Security Service Joint Stock Company is now one of enterprises with powerful, well trained, crack security forces and with high discipline sense. With operation scope in 55 provinces, cities, 5 branches across the country, Binh An is a security service provider to domestic and foreign large groups, enterprises.

Công ty Bảo vệ Bình An: Chúng tôi đã sẵn sàng để cạnh tranh

Binh An Security Service Joint Stock Company: We have been ready to compete

With the philosophy “Employee-oriented is longevity-oriented”, the leaders of Binh An have been preparing all resources in conjunction with their colleagues to push the enterprise in the competition and hold a higher position in the market.

Could you disclose which background was BAS born in and what does Binh An mean?

In 2004, I was one of founders of an enterprise that operated in security field and Deputy CEO of Business of the Company. During my work here, I assumed the whole business segment, concurrently the manager of operation advisory board. Passing many efforts, we bought the company to be ranked at the top as one of ten strongest security companies of Vietnam.

But until 2008, when the economic crisis happened, domestic enterprises faced to a fierce elimination, competition, at that time, the company must choose M&A plan (business merge & assumption) to be continued its existing and development. Realizing I have not the same ambition with the company, as a result, I decided to resign, and sold my all share here.

After that, I realized that I was heavily indebted with the security service business field, therefore, I and some close friends together contributed capital to incorporate Binh An Security Service Joint Stock Company. The reason I named the company as Binh An “was at the childhood, at each power cut night in the Summer, my all family gathered at the yard to get some fresh air, my father often told about his 20-year memories in the South-North battlefield. He said that at that time, he only wished : “two letters Binh An”. This has followed me during my childhood and until the Company’s birth and named the company.

Doanh nhân Ngô Bàng Long – Tổng giám đốc Công ty Dịch vụ Bảo vệ Bình An.

Entrepreneur Ngo Bang Long – CEO Binh An Security Service Joint Stock Company (BAS)

What are differences in security services provided by Binh An from its competitors in the market?

In the current market of existing security business, there are 1500 enterprises, including many stronger competitors than us. Moreover, unsound competition state has been happening in the internal industry, when some enterprises have been using cheap “masks”, poor quality, or invited personnel with insistence of each other.

Difference in our services is a stable quality, a competitive price. Next time, in order to create differences, we shall implement product diversification strategy by launching services: “package remote response” to be calculated costs per year, security service and picking up for students in large cities with traffic jam ….

In your opinions, what is the biggest challenge in security service business?

This is a business field completely depending on behavior, attitude and qualification of human, thus it is said that is a very sensitive business field. That is a reason why I have built the vision, mission, business philosophy and culture for the Company from its first incorporation days.

In which, the ethics code is the most important with taboo points in business in security services such as: occupational ethic violation protection, manager assault protection.

Furthermore, in conjunction with application of ISO 9001:2008 standards in the system, we have completely controlled our service quality. Its evidence is our customers have never cancelled any contract, even if the smallest contract. In 2004, we had the honour of  receiving “the title” of Perfect Services awarded by the National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam.

Lực lượng bảo vệ của Công ty Bình An trong buổi họp giao ban.

Security forces of Binh An Company in a shift handover meeting

As known that, CEO Program – The Key of Success of VTV1 (Vietnam Television) is going to broadcast a real story on your company competition strategy, is that true?

It’s true! Next time, CEO Program – The Key of Success shall broadcast the real story of our company on the national television. And I was a participant to settle the competition strategy together with Dr. Tran Quoc Viet – Deputy CEO of Kinh Do Group, CEO of Northern Kinh Do Company and Mr. Phung Viet Thang – Deputy CEO in charge of globalization of FPT IS.

After the program, I have had many additional ideas, solutions for forthcoming competition strategy for the company.

Could you share further about Binh An’s forthcoming competition strategy after your participation?

In the wide integration background, with fierce competition, we have set forth 06 duties to be carried out:

– Strengthen the enterprise’s trade name and the leadership board.

– Build an united organization with high CSR (Corporate social responsibility).

– Maintain and promote the corporate culture.

– Hold fast to stability and improve the quality with the super achievement of “no cancelation of contract by any customer”.

– Expand large customer system with in-depth and special services.

– Maintain “Top 3 of Vietnamese enterprise with in-depth duties and managers system across the country”

What is the business philosophy pursued by you?

The business philosophy pursued by me is a “self-improvement” one. An entrepreneur who wants to lead an everlasting enterprise must be a rich charitable CEO, have both feet on the ground and know a stop point.

I always remind myself on “self-improvement, family management” preceding the corporate administration, the market pacification. Moreover, I hope that forthcoming the company’s business operations shall further attach community activities. Such as participation in sharing start up with students of economic schools, granting scholarships, charity ….

What is a business lesson learned by you after more than one decade of experiencing in the market?

Firstly, for a development of an enterprise, efforts are perhaps enough. But for an everlasting enterprise, then  we must “study, study more, study forever”. Secondly, for a fast walk, go alone, for a distance walk, let’s go. Thirdly, when this door closes, another door shall open. Try utmost for. each such door.