Special friendship makes an enterprise trade name

In the security service business world, Binh An Security Services Joint Stock Company (BAS) is not only known as one of enterprises with the most powerful security forces at the current time, but also the nice friendship with “special” common characteristics between the Chairman of Board of Directors and CEO to create the trade name for this enterprise.

06/10/2016 12:00  GTM+7

For close customers, when speaking to BAS, the first things they think are perhaps the special common characteristics between Ms. Nguyen Thi Hoai An – Chairman of Board of Directors and Mr. Ngo Bang Long – CEO. They were not only born and grown in the poor countryside Nghe An and Mr. Long was born on the same date and studied at the same schools. And now, they are persons with the same ambition, business philosophy when together managing and leading the enterprise formed by them.

At the childhood, if Mr. Long was naughty, playful and outgoing, then Ms. An was quiet, careful and introverted. When sitting on chairs of the schools, both of them had an awareness that a sole poverty reduction was to pass the university entrance. In 1998, Mr. Long successfully passed the National Economics University, and Ms. An went to Sai Gon to study in Social Labour School and got married here. In 2004, after a time of working at a State-owned enterprise, Mr. Long decided to start up and met again his former close friend.

“At that time, I and other 5 shareholders contributed capital and incorporated a company specializing in security services. When meeting An, I realized that she has a business nature, thus I invited her to together invest in this company and work in charge of business segment ”, Mr. Long shared.

Ms. Hoai An and Mr. Bang Long and security forces in professional skill improvement training

Ms. Hoai An and Mr. Bang Long and security forces in professional skill improvement training

For 8 years of having a strong attachment to this first enterprise, their friendship have become more steadfast when they have together struggled in the market. In 2008, the economic crisis happened, this enterprise changed its strategy. It was realized having no same ambition, therefore, Ms. An and Mr. Long decided to sell the whole shares and build their private causes.

As the Chairman of Board of Directors, Ms. An has directly operated and outlined the strategy for segments of business, finance, personnel and other resources for the enterprise.  Mr. Long as the CEO, has directly built and developed a professional and business sections. At the same time, he has directly built the vision, mission and business philosophy and culture for the enterprise. Noticeably, the business code with taboo points in security service business field.

 “These are basic foundations and guidelines to help Binh An to operate stably, with clear orientation, purposes from the first days. These values have helped the enterprise to firmly stand in this business field with sensitive and fierce competitive nature”, Ms. An said.

With the viewpoint: “Towards the employee is towards the everlasting” and “Employee-oriented is longevity-oriented”, Binh An is one of leading enterprises with crowded forces in the market with wide scope in 55 provinces, cities and 5 branches across the country. Binh An’s security services include: high-rise buildings, plants, construction sites, consulates, warehouses, supermarkets, apartments for lease, offices, private houses, foreign-invested works, etc.

Ms. Hoai An and Mr. Bang Long in the Company’s anniversary ceremony.

Ms. Hoai An and Mr. Bang Long in the Company’s anniversary ceremony.

Thank to such consecutive efforts, in 2004, with application of ISO 9001:2008, Binh An was awarded the title of “Perfect Services” of National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam. Especially, recently, he has participated in CEO program– The Key to success of VTV1 (Vietnam Television) held in coordination with HoanggiaMediagroup, sponsored by OTIV brand. By showing real situation of the enterprise on the national television wave to be advised by experts. He has not only had additional ideas, useful competition solutions, but also the enterprise has been widely known on the basis of the above-mentioned proud achievements.

Mr. Ngo Bang Long participated in CEO program – The key to success

Mr. Ngo Bang Long participated in CEO program – The key to success

Passing the struggling process with the enterprise, looking back the past road sections and initial achievements, Mr. Long said that: “Ms. An and I were lucky persons when in the market we have both friendship and the same ambition. Approximate 15 years of travel with together, we have respected difference of each other because we have known that is a balance to help the enterprise’s management apparatus better perfect. That is an important foundation so that we have prepared all resources to bring the enterprise up to a new position”, Mr. Long shared.