Binh An Security: ‘Sweetened fruit’ from competition strategy

From 10 years ago, the founders of Binh An Security Services Joint Stock Company (BAS) gathered up their mind to form a competitive strategy. So far, this competitive strategy has helped Binh An reap many “sweetened fruit”.

08/11/2016  16:30 GMT+7

A solid position with dominant advantages

A piece of market share of business in security services has had less amount, while an increase in quantity and quality of business enterprises in this field has not had a stop sign. With more than 1,500 small and large enterprises, security enterprises have not only competed for amounts, market coverage, but also competed quality stability and service prices. Especially, it is a satisfaction capacity of customers’ demands for high-quality and in-depth security services.

Approximate one decade ago, the “founders” of Binh An Security Services Joint Stock Company were Nguyen Thi Hoai An – Chairman of Board of Directors and Mr. Ngo Bang Long – CEO early realized these matters and gathered up their mind and efforts to form the wise competitive strategy for the enterprise. As at the current time, when the market is stepping into a fierce competition phase, Binh An has a solid position with competition advantages for which any competitor is thirsty.

Chị Nguyễn Thị Hoài An – Chủ tịch HĐQT và Anh Ngô Bàng Long – Tổng giám đốc Công ty Cổ phần Dịch vụ bảo vệ Bình trong lễ kỷ niệm của Công ty.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Hoai An – Chairman of Board of Directors and Mr. Ngo Bang Long – CEO of Binh An Security Service Joint Stock Company (in the middle) and staffs of the compan.

Bình An is currently ranked the Top 3 of enterprises with crowded security forces and in-depth profession, expanded areas over 55 provinces, cities nationwide and 5 offices, branches. Binh An is also a rare enterprise in the market applying ISO9001:2008 to its apparatus operation and management activities.

Security guards of Binh An are not only trained well, crackly and with high-discipline sense, but also equipped with modern professional equipment such as: positioning system, anti-drowsiness machine, patrol machine, infrared equipment, online shift handover software system …

In 2014, the National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam awarded the title of “Perfect Services”, this opened many opportunities for the enterprise. With more than 150 close customers, including many leading groups of Vietnam and international level groups, Binh An has been affirming its competition advantages and position in the market.


To reach these achievements, in addition to unanimity, solidarity and efforts of the whole staffs of the company, then a proper strategy formation, vision of enterprise managers also play important roles.

As the Chairman of Board of Directors, Ms. Hoai An has directly managed, and outlined strategies for segments of business, finance, personnel and other resources for the enterprise. Mr. Bang Long as the CEO, has directly built and developed professional and personnel sections. At the same time, he has also directly built the vision, mission, business philosophy, core values and culture for the enterprise. Noticeably, the business code with taboo points in security service business field.

With particular characteristics of behavior management “how to have a perfect security service is difficult and contains challenges for any security enterprise. If the human management is not good, if staffs don’t feel a proud of occupation, importance as well as their liabilities for property security, safety, then their incompletion of duties shall be unavoidable. Therefore, for Binh An, we always invest costs for training, recruitment, invest physical facility, technique, technology for security guards and especially salaries, bonuses, consideration to staff lives, including their personal, family problems to side by side share difficulties with them to improve their working spirit, keep with the integration trend” -Mr. Long said.

Ban điều hành công ty CP DV Bảo Vệ Bình An

Ms. Nguyen Thi Hoai An – Chairman of Board of Directors and Mr. Ngo Bang Long – CEO and staffs in the Company’s anniversary

In the integration background, the competition has been more and more fierce, Binh An determines its strategy in next time that is a focus on difference for its services: difference from service quality, personnel quality and competition price, diversified products. Currently, in addition to security services of schools, hotels, workshops, plants, banks,… the company launches additional services of “remote package” to be charged annually or security and picking up students in large cities with traffic jam state, towards high-quality security services for families and individuals to wait in front of customer’s trend.

At the company’s strategy level, Binh An has clearly determined steps to utilize existing opportunities and benefits to rise a higher rank in the market. According to Ms. Hoai An : “Our forthcoming strategy duties are to consolidate the enterprise’s trade name and leadership board; Build a solidarity organization with high CSR index (enterprise liability index for community); Maintain and promote enterprise culture; Hold stability and improve quality with super achievements “not let any customer cancel a contract”; Expand large customer system together with in-depth and special services; Maintain “Top 3 of Vietnamese enterprises with in-depth profession and manager system nationwide”.