How to make good quotations but good quality security services as well.

04/04/2017 14:21 GTM+7

Price level of quality security service lease in the market currently is difficult to assess “expensive or cheap” criteria. Based on demands and special characters of each customer, the Quotation of security services shall be counted after a real survey at objectives and based on salary, welfare expenses for employees, administration expenses, property insurance expenses …

Different from the North and the Central regions, currently, social security, order situations of the South region has had complicated matters, suddenly increasing thief situations with more sophisticated and reckless tricks when the thief, vehicle robbery, breaking suddenly into electrical and mechanical shops, phone supermarkets in the South happen daily: According to the release from newspapers, only before and after the last New Year 2017, FPT, thegioididong, dien may xanh.. Supermarkets were broken into suddenly, with total damages of each case up to the billions dong. Many cases have happened, synonymously the people must live in high cautious state although the Public Security has strengthen patrol forces at all routes. Furthermore, many companies, enterprises, employers have relied on supports from professional security services from security companies to ensure security, safety on property. Seeking a quality security is difficult, but stable security service costs is more difficult.


Bank security

Banking is often leading in relying on support from security service companies. With specific characteristics of absolute safety assurance for customers who come to make transactions at any branch, these “masters” don’t hesitate when spending great amounts to seek a prestigious security company, with enough capacity to deploy security officers to review security, safety at any times during the day. Therefore, security service price table is only secondary factor, in which qualified skills of security forces, as well as clear commitments from security companies are the most important.

Security segment at business center


Security at business center

Business centers are ranked at the second position in cooperation race with security service companies. With demands on bringing to customers with comfortableness when visit, shopping, entertainment, Management Boards of these business centers don’t mind too much to quotations of security service suppliers. A core mater of this market segment is professional service attitude of security forces with customers in addition to their liabilities for property and order safety and security guarantee.

Event security segment


Event security

Besides, some special industries such as hospital, supermarket, complicated entertainment area, music center … are enterprises which are meanly particular about money for current price table of security company lease. Most customers of these sites are different, therefore it is important to tighten security at public areas, moreover, apart from professional security service, a model additionally requesting communication skills and customer service skills as same as the above-mentioned industries is insignificant. Thus, it is easy to realize that the price table of security company lease is not self-determined by security companies, but it is an assessment combination from different demands from customer sides.

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