BINH AN SECURITY SERVICES JOINT STOCK COMPANY (BAS) is a specialized security company which is protecting some business facilities directly under the Army and the State (key projects of Petrovietnam, Lilama General Contractor, Viettel stores nationwide, the port system of Army Port and many other big customers in Ho Chi Minh City and other cities and provinces). Currently, we need to recruit security guards with the following requirements and treatment regime:


1. Object:

Vietnamese citizen without a criminal record.

2. Standards


Height from 1m 65 and above

55 kg

18 – 55 years old


Height from 1m 57 and above

45 kg

20 – 35 years old

Particular priority is given to some objects of “M” such as: demobilized soldiers and policemen/women, those who know foreign language, martial arts or driving (all must have a certificate or diploma), etc. and certificates and degrees related to the security career.


1. Salary:

From 6,000,000 VND to 9,000,000 VND

– Be arranged accommodation immediately after applying record, receive uniform during training and working.
– Holidays and New Year: be calculated according to labor law.
– Total salary = Monthly salary + other allowances.

2. Other allowances include:

– Overtime allowance.
– Education allowance: high school graduation, material arts training, etc. is subsidized: 50,000 VND/month.
– Complicated region and level allowance: 50,000 to 500,000 VND.
– Salary increase regime: once every six months with the increase level is from 50,000 to 500,000 VND. In addition, if the employee works well and has good professional capacity, the Company will consider appointment to positions: Target management team leader, Team vice leader.
– Seniority allowance.
– Irregular and annual bonus.
– To sign a labor contract in accordance with labor law.
– Rewards and disciplines apply in accordance with the regulations of the Company.

3. Other regimes:

– Support 50% of vehicle fee for employees who live in remote provinces.
– In the training time and work waiting time after training, security guard is supported 50,000 VND/day.
– After being signed labor contract, if employee works full 12 months, he/she will be entitled to 12 days of annual leave.

4. Recruitment record includes:

– Job application
– CV (certified by local government)
– Copy of ID card (notarized).
– Copy of Household Book
– Medical Certification.
– Conduct Certification to confirm no criminal record (certified by local police).
– Copy of diplomas (if any).
– Note: All records are certified by local government within 6 nearest months.

5. Regime for recommender:

Binh An security guards who introduce people to work at Binh An Company will be received 500,000 to 1,000,000 VND/person (After the presentee has worked full 10 days).

Above is recruitment notice of BINH AN SECURITY SERVICES CORPORATION COMPANY. We are committed to perform the contents notified to ensure legitimate rights of employees.

Sincerely notify!


– Mr. Tu: 0979 00 07 08 – Director of Recruitment Department

– Address: 119 Nguyen Cuu Van, Ward 17, Binh Thanh district, HCMC

– Tel : (08) 3514 7586/87/89 – Fax : (08) 3514 7598

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