Binh An Security: ‘Sweetened fruit’ from competition strategy

From 10 years ago, the founders of Binh An Security Services Joint Stock Company (BAS) gathered up their mind to form a competitive strategy. So far, this competitive strategy has helped Binh An reap many “sweetened fruit”.

08/11/2016  16:30 GMT+7

A solid position with dominant advantages

A piece of market share of business in security services has had less amount, while an increase in quantity and quality of business enterprises in this field has not had a stop sign. With more than 1,500 small and large enterprises, security enterprises have not only competed for amounts, market coverage, but also competed quality stability and service prices. Especially, it is a satisfaction capacity of customers’ demands for high-quality and in-depth security services.

Approximate one decade ago, the “founders” of Binh An Security Services Joint Stock Company were Nguyen Thi Hoai An – Chairman of Board of Directors and Mr. Ngo Bang Long – CEO early realized these matters and gathered up their mind and efforts to form the wise competitive strategy for the enterprise. As at the current time, when the market is stepping into a fierce competition phase, Binh An has a solid position with competition advantages for which any competitor is thirsty.

Chị Nguyễn Thị Hoài An – Chủ tịch HĐQT và Anh Ngô Bàng Long – Tổng giám đốc Công ty Cổ phần Dịch vụ bảo vệ Bình trong lễ kỷ niệm của Công ty.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Hoai An – Chairman of Board of Directors and Mr. Ngo Bang Long – CEO of Binh An Security Service Joint Stock Company (in the middle) and staffs of the compan.

Bình An is currently ranked the Top 3 of enterprises with crowded security forces and in-depth profession, expanded areas over 55 provinces, cities nationwide and 5 offices, branches. Binh An is also a rare enterprise in the market applying ISO9001:2008 to its apparatus operation and management activities.

Security guards of Binh An are not only trained well, crackly and with high-discipline sense, but also equipped with modern professional equipment such as: positioning system, anti-drowsiness machine, patrol machine, infrared equipment, online shift handover software system …

In 2014, the National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam awarded the title of “Perfect Services”, this opened many opportunities for the enterprise. With more than 150 close customers, including many leading groups of Vietnam and international level groups, Binh An has been affirming its competition advantages and position in the market.


To reach these achievements, in addition to unanimity, solidarity and efforts of the whole staffs of the company, then a proper strategy formation, vision of enterprise managers also play important roles.

As the Chairman of Board of Directors, Ms. Hoai An has directly managed, and outlined strategies for segments of business, finance, personnel and other resources for the enterprise. Mr. Bang Long as the CEO, has directly built and developed professional and personnel sections. At the same time, he has also directly built the vision, mission, business philosophy, core values and culture for the enterprise. Noticeably, the business code with taboo points in security service business field.

With particular characteristics of behavior management “how to have a perfect security service is difficult and contains challenges for any security enterprise. If the human management is not good, if staffs don’t feel a proud of occupation, importance as well as their liabilities for property security, safety, then their incompletion of duties shall be unavoidable. Therefore, for Binh An, we always invest costs for training, recruitment, invest physical facility, technique, technology for security guards and especially salaries, bonuses, consideration to staff lives, including their personal, family problems to side by side share difficulties with them to improve their working spirit, keep with the integration trend” -Mr. Long said.

Ban điều hành công ty CP DV Bảo Vệ Bình An

Ms. Nguyen Thi Hoai An – Chairman of Board of Directors and Mr. Ngo Bang Long – CEO and staffs in the Company’s anniversary

In the integration background, the competition has been more and more fierce, Binh An determines its strategy in next time that is a focus on difference for its services: difference from service quality, personnel quality and competition price, diversified products. Currently, in addition to security services of schools, hotels, workshops, plants, banks,… the company launches additional services of “remote package” to be charged annually or security and picking up students in large cities with traffic jam state, towards high-quality security services for families and individuals to wait in front of customer’s trend.

At the company’s strategy level, Binh An has clearly determined steps to utilize existing opportunities and benefits to rise a higher rank in the market. According to Ms. Hoai An : “Our forthcoming strategy duties are to consolidate the enterprise’s trade name and leadership board; Build a solidarity organization with high CSR index (enterprise liability index for community); Maintain and promote enterprise culture; Hold stability and improve quality with super achievements “not let any customer cancel a contract”; Expand large customer system together with in-depth and special services; Maintain “Top 3 of Vietnamese enterprises with in-depth profession and manager system nationwide”.


Ngo Bang Long, CEO of Binh An Security Service Joint Stock Company: Being an excellent master should study how to be a good employee

With the secrete that being an excellent master should study how to be a good employee, Mr Ngo Bang Long, CEO of Binh An Security Service Joint Stock Company have founded one of two largest professional security companies of Vietnam today.

22/10/2016 08:10 GTM+7

Started from a book teaching how to get rich

So far, the master Ngo Bang Long has reckoned that his karma with business, with security service is a chance. However, in such chance including an indulgence to be his own master.

Ngo Bang Long told, on his date of graduation from university, on the train from Hanoi – Nghe An, he was interested by … a title of a book holding by a person sitting at his side. “It was the first time I had seen the book “Teach your kids how to become rich”, I lent it and read all in a breath.

Frankly, a bachelor like me has never had a clear vision angle on my cause road like after reading “Cashflow Quadran” of the author Kiyosaki”, Mr. Long told.

Doanh nhân Ngô Bàng Long, TGĐ Công ty Dịch vụ bảo vệ Bình An

Entrepreneur Ngo Bang Long, CEO of Binh An Security Service Joint Stock Company

Therefore, 4 groups following anticlockwise direction of Kiyosaki (including salary earner, private business, enterprise owner and investor) become the guideline of Ngo Bang Long.

Ngo Bang Long said: “I thought I should follow this road, namely start by the salary earner, although at that time I also dreamed my own cause”.

Turning the idea into action, Mr. Long decided to go to the South to start up. A simple reason was because of a statement passed down orally by the youth – for business, go to the South.

But Man proposes but God disposes. Everything, gifts had just prepared, then his friend asked him what was his purpose to go to the South, what was his specific plan, why did he do business at the homeland, why did he go to the South to start up?…

“I thought carefully and decided to stay at the homeland to work. But the work once again made me to leave my homeland. 2 years later, I went to HCM city and worked at a repetitive office of a company. Changes in work taught me many lessons in business, expanding relations with partner”, Ngo Bang Long told.

But the biggest turning-point made Mr. Long to follow “Cashflow Quadran” interested by him from few years ago, was in 2004, at a time when applying for job for his friend, he realized an increasing demands on security services. It appeared his chance came.

Mr. Long recalled, he rushed into research of this service. The strength was clear, that was a high market opportunity. But this trade is a buying risks, a management of conduct, using low qualification labour, while they execute their duties, they have certain powers… If weak points on personnel are not overcome, occupational ethics of labour are not ensured, business in this service is unable to implement.

“I thought I may overcome. I thought, believed like this and spent all efforts to do. I together with some friends to form a first security company. But in the fact, being a master was not easy like… being an employee.

We started up with zero numbers, no business knowledge, no market knowledge, no customer information … so piled difficulties were ex officio. Our first contract was a contract  in imitation of another company, but that was also a lesson for people who want to be a master”, Long said.

Gradually difficulties had gone by as the maters of the Company wished. But the start based on the unstable foundation made people split when the company had had profits.

In 2008, Ngo Bang Long and his friends broke up. Each person went  on his way, but Ngo Bang Long had his own decision.

Binh An Security Service Joint Stock Company was born with a position of director Ngo Bang Long. It seems that everything is in progress with Long, like Cashflow Quadran, following the wage earner was private business, enterprise owner …

Condensed strategy.

For the establishment of Binh An Security Service Joint Stock Company, Ngo Long Long told: “When I was a kid, I always listened to my father’s stories about his 20-year memories in the South- North battlefield with wish of safety and soundness to return. Up to now, people have still referred to the desire for safety – safety of body, property, mind. In Maslow’s demand pyramid scheme, the safety lies on the bottom demand to be eaten, breathed … Binh An trade name was born from that and our slogan was two letter “Binh An”.

In order to develop the company, at the first Mr. Long settled weaknesses in this industry that determined clearly from his first startup. It was management of employee on cultural aspect. He said, a sole way to do this is a leader must be a model so that the employees learn. “Special characteristics of employees in this industry are diversification in terms of culture, perception and way of life. If imposed, it is difficult to create a common cultural background. We decided to build the culture of the employees in the company by bringing family culture into the foundation. Everyone in the company will be like brothers and sisters in the same family, have a strong attachment to each other, responsibility to each other and to assigned tasks”, Mr. Long shared.

So far, after 8 years of operation, Ngo Bang Long has reckoned that his personnel strategy choice has been true. Even if, in the business strategies of Binh An, Mr. Long has pursued the objective to the employee-oriented, thereby create the competition strength of the Company.

“In the field of security services, the employee-oriented is the everlasting-oriented. When the employee is honest with the Company, they will be responsible for assigned works. This is the secret to create the safety, the secret towards the core”, Mr. Long shared. But choosing human-centered means that work will be heavier, and control and management will request more closeness and profession.

In the field of security services, with special characteristics of low level labor, there are not many suitable tools to do this. Ngo Bang Long acknowledged this fact. “This is the reason why I chose unanimous, deeply digging and gathering strategies. Binh An has achieved a coverage in 63 provinces, cities across the country, but to gain more depth, to gain a business concentration, to provide customers with the best solutions and quality, we accept gathering in 40 provinces. But this gathering is only in service, but revenue must increase, “Ngo Bang Long said.

  • What is your philosophy?

“Self-improvement, enterprise ownership must be firstly a good person in all fields, from family, social field. In the security service industry, this request is also higher. Because how the leader is then his employees shall like him.”

  • How are your viewpoints on competition?

“That is a quiet and fierce struggle. Stepping into business must be ready for all competition situations. Important issue is determination of what core capacity is to consolidate, improve competition capacity”.

  • How is security business field ?

“Building and maintaining business culture are very important points.”


CEO of Binh An Security Service Joint Stock Company: We have been ready to compete

“Competition strategy of Binh An (BAS) is divided in 3 levels: company level, business level and function level and synchronously implemented from the highest level to the lowest level”, Mr. Ngo Bang Long – CEO of Binh An Security Service Joint Stock Company shared.

21/10/2016 8:00 GTM+7

Born in 2008, the time when business field of security services in Vietnam started to grow. After many years of construction and growth, Binh An Security Service Joint Stock Company is now one of enterprises with powerful, well trained, crack security forces and with high discipline sense. With operation scope in 55 provinces, cities, 5 branches across the country, Binh An is a security service provider to domestic and foreign large groups, enterprises.

Công ty Bảo vệ Bình An: Chúng tôi đã sẵn sàng để cạnh tranh

Binh An Security Service Joint Stock Company: We have been ready to compete

With the philosophy “Employee-oriented is longevity-oriented”, the leaders of Binh An have been preparing all resources in conjunction with their colleagues to push the enterprise in the competition and hold a higher position in the market.

Could you disclose which background was BAS born in and what does Binh An mean?

In 2004, I was one of founders of an enterprise that operated in security field and Deputy CEO of Business of the Company. During my work here, I assumed the whole business segment, concurrently the manager of operation advisory board. Passing many efforts, we bought the company to be ranked at the top as one of ten strongest security companies of Vietnam.

But until 2008, when the economic crisis happened, domestic enterprises faced to a fierce elimination, competition, at that time, the company must choose M&A plan (business merge & assumption) to be continued its existing and development. Realizing I have not the same ambition with the company, as a result, I decided to resign, and sold my all share here.

After that, I realized that I was heavily indebted with the security service business field, therefore, I and some close friends together contributed capital to incorporate Binh An Security Service Joint Stock Company. The reason I named the company as Binh An “was at the childhood, at each power cut night in the Summer, my all family gathered at the yard to get some fresh air, my father often told about his 20-year memories in the South-North battlefield. He said that at that time, he only wished : “two letters Binh An”. This has followed me during my childhood and until the Company’s birth and named the company.

Doanh nhân Ngô Bàng Long – Tổng giám đốc Công ty Dịch vụ Bảo vệ Bình An.

Entrepreneur Ngo Bang Long – CEO Binh An Security Service Joint Stock Company (BAS)

What are differences in security services provided by Binh An from its competitors in the market?

In the current market of existing security business, there are 1500 enterprises, including many stronger competitors than us. Moreover, unsound competition state has been happening in the internal industry, when some enterprises have been using cheap “masks”, poor quality, or invited personnel with insistence of each other.

Difference in our services is a stable quality, a competitive price. Next time, in order to create differences, we shall implement product diversification strategy by launching services: “package remote response” to be calculated costs per year, security service and picking up for students in large cities with traffic jam ….

In your opinions, what is the biggest challenge in security service business?

This is a business field completely depending on behavior, attitude and qualification of human, thus it is said that is a very sensitive business field. That is a reason why I have built the vision, mission, business philosophy and culture for the Company from its first incorporation days.

In which, the ethics code is the most important with taboo points in business in security services such as: occupational ethic violation protection, manager assault protection.

Furthermore, in conjunction with application of ISO 9001:2008 standards in the system, we have completely controlled our service quality. Its evidence is our customers have never cancelled any contract, even if the smallest contract. In 2004, we had the honour of  receiving “the title” of Perfect Services awarded by the National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam.

Lực lượng bảo vệ của Công ty Bình An trong buổi họp giao ban.

Security forces of Binh An Company in a shift handover meeting

As known that, CEO Program – The Key of Success of VTV1 (Vietnam Television) is going to broadcast a real story on your company competition strategy, is that true?

It’s true! Next time, CEO Program – The Key of Success shall broadcast the real story of our company on the national television. And I was a participant to settle the competition strategy together with Dr. Tran Quoc Viet – Deputy CEO of Kinh Do Group, CEO of Northern Kinh Do Company and Mr. Phung Viet Thang – Deputy CEO in charge of globalization of FPT IS.

After the program, I have had many additional ideas, solutions for forthcoming competition strategy for the company.

Could you share further about Binh An’s forthcoming competition strategy after your participation?

In the wide integration background, with fierce competition, we have set forth 06 duties to be carried out:

– Strengthen the enterprise’s trade name and the leadership board.

– Build an united organization with high CSR (Corporate social responsibility).

– Maintain and promote the corporate culture.

– Hold fast to stability and improve the quality with the super achievement of “no cancelation of contract by any customer”.

– Expand large customer system with in-depth and special services.

– Maintain “Top 3 of Vietnamese enterprise with in-depth duties and managers system across the country”

What is the business philosophy pursued by you?

The business philosophy pursued by me is a “self-improvement” one. An entrepreneur who wants to lead an everlasting enterprise must be a rich charitable CEO, have both feet on the ground and know a stop point.

I always remind myself on “self-improvement, family management” preceding the corporate administration, the market pacification. Moreover, I hope that forthcoming the company’s business operations shall further attach community activities. Such as participation in sharing start up with students of economic schools, granting scholarships, charity ….

What is a business lesson learned by you after more than one decade of experiencing in the market?

Firstly, for a development of an enterprise, efforts are perhaps enough. But for an everlasting enterprise, then  we must “study, study more, study forever”. Secondly, for a fast walk, go alone, for a distance walk, let’s go. Thirdly, when this door closes, another door shall open. Try utmost for. each such door.